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Internal Medicine

What Does Internal Medicine Have to Do With Movement Disorders?

Dr. Shahab Hyder, MD, is a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who specializes in Internal Medicine. He helps his patients maintain their overall, long-term health management, including the treatment of chronic diseases. He’s equally adept with acute care management as well as preventative care.

As we discussed on our Approach page, we care for our patients with a multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals, and as an Internal Medicine specialist, Dr. Hyder is a crucial part of that team.  The simple fact is that movement disorders are incredibly complex diseases that affect many different systems within the patient’s body. The overall health of a movement disorder patient — including any acute, chronic, or other health issues they may have — can have a tremendous impact on both the existence and the severity of the patient’s movement disorder symptoms. By the same token, the patient’s movement disorder can have a similar impact on any other health issues that are present.

With Dr. Hyder, we are able to care for the whole patient, taking their entire health and lifestyle into account instead of being solely focused on the movement disorder. And that’s important because our movement disorder patients are more than just their list of symptoms — they are whole people with full lives and they deserve care and treatment that recognizes that.

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