Complementary Treatments for Parkinson’s

A variety of medications are prescribed to address the primary cause of Parkinson’s symptoms, including dopamine-replacement therapy and dopamine inhibitors, as well as drugs that are help manage side effects such as anxiety, depression, hallucinations and delusions. A number of complementary treatments for Parkinson’s also are used to address symptoms and improve functioning. Complementary therapies are treatments used alongside conventional medicine.

Your neurologist will likely to recommend a number of complementary treatments to manage your condition.

Physical Therapy, Exercise and Nutrition for PD

Maintaining an exercise regimen for Parkinson’s, whether walking, yoga, dance or an exercise class specifically for people with PD, and proper nutrition are two of the most important factors for maintaining quality of life with PD. Physical therapy, speech therapy and specialized LSVT Big therapy also can assist people with Parkinson’s in regaining skills, balance and motor function as well as providing tools for managing symptoms of the disease. Neurology Solutions’ Austin Renewal Therapy is a full-service physical therapy clinic offering specialized therapies to treat movement disorders as well as sports medicine.

Parkinson’s patients may also consider engaging in activities that help reduce stress and anxiety, such as music therapy, reflexology, meditation and art therapy.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Parkinson’s

Research has shown hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may benefit certain symptoms associated with PD. Neurology Solutions has trialed a number of PD patients with hormone therapy to bring the patients’ hormone levels closer to the hormone profile of their youth and positively impact their mobility, motor fluctuations, cognition and mood.

Optimizing Supplements for Parkinson’s

Your doctor also may prescribe a number of supplements, including a multi-vitamin, proteins and essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, vitamin C and Magnesium. If you are thinking of taking any supplements or herbs, inform your physician as some of them can interfere with conventional drug treatments.