Create your website with blocks

Create your website with blocks

“Roses Trémières” by Berthe Morisot
“In the Bois de Boulogne” by Berthe Morisot
“Young Woman in Mauve” by Berthe Morisot

  • Why is a good night’s sleep important for everyone?
    By Rosalia Martinez, Clinical Specialist at Neurology Solutions Sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of our daily lives, and a good night’s sleep is essential for our overall physical and mental well-being. Sleep is not just a time when the body and mind rest, but it is also a restorative process that allows our […]
  • The Gut-Brain Connection: Gut Health & Parkinson’s Disease
    By Jordan Harborth, FNC-P, Nurse Practitioner at Neurology Solutions The benefit of a healthy gut is demonstrated from the moment we are born and during early development. Research has shown a fetus is extremely sensitive to any change in a mother’s microbiotic makeup. So sensitive, in fact, it can alter the way a baby’s brain […]
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics for gut & microbiome health
    By Dr. Shahab Hyder, MD, Internal Medicine at Neurology Solutions Maintaining the health of your gut microbiome can result in significant health benefits. It has been shown that there is interaction with the GI microbiome and the central nervous system (the microbiome-gut-brain axis), which has already been linked to mood disorders. Poor gut microbiome health […]
  • Unhealthy Gut, Unhealthy Brain
    By Lynn Nguyen, Physician’s Associate at Neurology Solutions The gut microbiome refers to the symbiotic, or mutually beneficial, relationship between bacteria, viruses, fungi, and archaea living in the human gut. The flora found in the gut have been differentiated into two distinct categories – opportunistic and beneficial flora. Opportunistic microorganisms cause infection and beneficial microorganisms […]

Add block patterns

Block patterns are pre-designed groups of blocks. To add one, select the Add Block button [+] in the toolbar at the top of the editor. Switch to the Patterns tab underneath the search bar, and choose a pattern.

Frame your images

Twenty Twenty-One includes stylish borders for your content. With an Image block selected, open the “Styles” panel within the Editor sidebar. Select the “Frame” block style to activate it.

Overlap columns

Twenty Twenty-One also includes an overlap style for column blocks. With a Columns block selected, open the “Styles” panel within the Editor sidebar. Choose the “Overlap” block style to try it out.

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