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Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy Lunch & Learns

Medtronic DBS series includes Battery Longevity Clinic and Behind the Surgical Curtain

By Karen Hales, Neurology Solutions Contributing Writer

Medtronic has scheduled a series of lunch and learns for implanted and new patients considering Deep Brain Stimulation implant surgery in the Austin area. The Lunch and Learns include a “Battery Longevity Clinic” for implanted patients from 10 a.m. to noon and “Behind the Surgical Curtain” for new patients from noon to 2 p.m.

The Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation lunch and learns are scheduled for March 24, May 26, June 23 and July 28 at Homewood Suites by Hilton Austin-Arboretum/NW, 10925 Stonelake Blvd. in Austin. There is no fee. Seating is limited. RSVP to

Medtronic is one of two device companies that has FDA approved deep brain stimulation devices, used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia and other neurological syndromes affecting mobility. DBS involves implanting an electrode in the brain and connecting it with an extension wire to an implantable pulse generator (IPG), which is a pacemaker-like device or battery most often placed in the chest.

The Battery Longevity Clinic will assist DBS patients in planning and scheduling the procedure to replace the battery in their IPG. DBS battery life is predictable per Medtronic documentation, as each brain target has ranges for stimulation intensity for symptom relief. Using more stimulation than needed will put increased demand on the battery and decrease battery life. A Medtronic specialist will assist patients with DBS in estimating the longevity of their battery life so they can plan when to undergo a replacement procedure.

Behind the Surgical Curtian will help those with PD and other movement disorders and their families learn about the benefits and risks of DBS therapy and to have their questions answered by a Medtronic Clinical Specialist.

Neurology Solutions Movement Disorders Center Medical Director Robert Izor, MD, is a fellowship-trained movement disorder specialist with extensive experience in DBS. Dr. Izor completed his residency in Neurology at University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, where he served as chief resident. Following his residency training, he completed a fellowship with a focus on movement disorders that covered the selection of patients for Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, intra-operative mapping, and post-operative programming.

Since 2004, Dr. Izor has participated with neurosurgeon Dr. Anant Patel in DBS implant surgeries and programming of nearly 200 patients in the Austin area.

Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation Lunch & Learns


10 a.m. – noon Battery Longevity Clinic

Noon – 2 p.m. Behind the Surgical Curtain

Dates:  Thurs., Feb. 18, March 24, April 28, May 26 and June 23

Location: Homewood Suites by Hilton Austin-Arboretum/NW, 10925 Stonelake Blvd., Austin.

RSVP: Via email to

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