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Why Awake DBS Is Still The Best Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

If you’re curious about deep brain stimulation (DBS), you’re not alone. It’s one of the most promising Parkinson’s disease treatments out there for patients whose symptoms can’t be controlled with medications. Here at Neurology Solutions Movement Disorders Center, we implant DBS leads in very specific parts of the brain — accurate to under a millimeter […]

Parkinson’s disease treatment and care

A neurological disorder affecting an estimated 1 million Americans, Parkinson’s disease treatment and care costs the United States an estimated $25 billion per year. Researchers are working around the clock to find better treatments as well as mechanisms to slow or reverse progression of the disease with hopes for an eventual cure. Because of the multi-system nature of the condition, effectively managing Parkinson’s disease requires a multi-layered approach, including medication therapy, complementary treatments and advanced therapies to address symptoms and improve functioning,

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