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Tips to Make Time for Your Physical Therapy at Home

By Victoria Loving, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Neurology Solutions Loving, DPT

At Neurology Solutions Movement Disorders Center in Austin, Texas, we are dedicated to supporting our patients with Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, and other movement disorders in every step of their journey toward better health. In fact, it is so integral to our practice that your exercises are closely supervised and coordinated by your medical care team. As the lead physical therapist at Neurology Solutions, our entire team deeply appreciates the critical role of integrated physical therapy services. Here are some personalized tips to seamlessly incorporate physical therapy into your daily routine at home, ensuring it becomes a cornerstone of your comprehensive wellness plan.

  1. Establish a Routine – Consistency is key. Designate a time each day for physical therapy, creating a habit that naturally becomes part of your daily rhythm.
  2. Create a Dedicated Space – A specific area in your home should be your sanctuary for therapy—a safe, comfortable spot for uninterrupted focus on your exercises.
  3. Involve Your Caregivers – Incorporating caregivers or family members in your routine provides support and enhances the therapeutic experience through shared activity.
  4. Short Sessions Count – Quality over quantity always prevails. Frequent, short sessions can be as effective as longer ones, mainly when performed consistently.
  5. Utilize Technology – Take advantage of digital tools that offer guidance and structure, particularly when doing exercises independently.
  6. Align with Daily Activities – Merge therapy with everyday tasks. Balance exercises can be done while preparing a meal, and stretches can be incorporated into your TV time.
  7. Keep Track of Progress – Monitoring your progress can be a powerful motivator. A simple log of daily activities can help you see the strides you’re making over time.
  8. Set Realistic Goals – Work with your medical team to establish attainable milestones. When you reach these goals, celebrate them—it’s a testament to your dedication.
  9. Be Kind to Yourself – On tough days, remember that every small effort is progress. Adjust your activities to how you feel, prioritizing your safety and well-being.
  10. Communicate with Your Therapist – Maintain open communication with your therapist. Your feedback is crucial for tailoring your at-home regimen and overcoming any obstacles.

We at Neurology Solutions are committed to empowering you in your fight against Parkinson’s disease. Our medical team, specifically trained and experienced in treating movement disorders, is here to support and guide you through personalized physical therapy. Please take the next step in your healthcare journey with us and experience the transformative power of dedicated, compassionate treatment. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you maintain mobility and independence.

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