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A Holistic Approach to Healthy Aging and Optimum Wellness

Our health and wellness center, Austin Renewal Therapy (ART), is here to provide the citizens of Austin and the surrounding area with the absolute best care available when it comes to the effects of aging and physical therapy.

After establishing Neurology Solutions Movement Disorders Center in 2004, Dr. Robert Izor saw other related healthcare needs that weren’t being addressed in the Austin area. While Neurology Solution’s patients were in need of direct attention to deal with movement disorders and diseases, many others were interested in combating the effects of aging or required physical therapy for a variety of problems. That’s where Austin Renewal Therapy (ART) comes in. Started in 2009, ART has delivered state-of-the-art care for a variety of ailments, many of which are caused by aging. ART can help with whole-body health, inside and out. Let’s take a look at how our wellness center might help you.

What Does Austin Renewal Therapy Offer?

The most common treatments offered through our wellness clinic tend to fall into four categories:

  • Physical therapy for sports injuries, other injuries, and medical conditions
  • Metabolic-nutritional therapy – nutritional counseling and ketogenic diet
  • Hormone replacement therapy for women and men
  • Therapeutic and cosmetic injections – Botox® for Bruxism, TMJ dysfunction and skin tightening

Physical Therapy & Nutritional Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help people make the most of their muscles, improve coordination, and get them back on their feet. Of course, each person’s situation is different, which is why our wellness center has a Doctor of Physical Therapy on-site who can create plans for each individual. Our doctor is trained in both orthopedics and neurology. If you’d like to work with Austin Renewal Therapy, we’d be happy to take a referral from your doctor.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy can help people get back in the game, whether a person plays for fun or is a member of one of Austin’s minor league teams. Our physical therapy clinic can help with a variety of problems suffered in sports and exercise, whether they are muscular or skeletal.

Occupational Therapy

While physical therapy helps people to use their bodies more effectively, occupational therapy helps people to move through their environment more easily and focuses on activities of daily life (ADL). In other words, physical therapy is about moving the body, while occupational therapy is about using the body as it currently functions to take care of oneself.

Fall Prevention

As bones get weaker due to the aging process, falls become more and more dangerous. The good thing is that the issue of falling can be addressed by a professional. Our physical therapy clinic can perform dynamic balance assessments and create a plan for the client to address their fall prevention worries.

PT for Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s will make moving difficult, but having the right tools at hand can help a patient deal with the problem and find the best way around it. The doctor in our PT clinic is a certified Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery therapist, specially trained to help those with Parkinson’s disease.

Metabolic-Nutritional Therapy

If you’ve heard about the ketogenic diet, you might think that it’s just another fad. But when you look at the science, you’ll think twice about dismissing it. That’s because it didn’t start as a weight reducing diet at all but as a way to help people with epilepsy. Let’s take a closer look at why we’re such fans of it here at our wellness clinic.

Nutrition for Movement Disorders

While the ketogenic diet was created in order to help those with epilepsy, that’s not the only type of patient that can be helped. The idea is that the brain can utilize ketones more effectively, and studies suggest that it can help as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, ALS, Autism, and more.

Nutrition for Overall Health

Many people have taken to the ketogenic diet because it’s a surprisingly-healthy way to live. While it might seem counterintuitive, eating more healthy fats with very low carbohydrates can actually help you reduce fat and help you feel better by improving your mood, cognitive function and energy levels.

meet the Wellness team

Our team provides an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to healthy aging and optimum wellness.

Meet Our Wellness Team

Metabolic-Nutritional Therapy

With so many benefits of the ketogenic diet, how can Austin Renewal Therapy help? We’re here to help you find the right way to make the ketogenic diet work for you, so we offer the following services and products.

Nutritional Counseling

We know that each person requires different needs when it comes to nutritional counseling. Everyone’s body can process foods in a slightly different way. At ART, we will take a detailed look at your health history and the way you eat. We will then recommend lab tests that may be ordered by your primary care physician. You also have the option to become a patient of Neurology Solutions Movement Disorders Center.

Mocha Ketoppuccino

Not only can we provide nutritional counseling at ART, but we can also provide a special drink blend that can make it easier to get the desired nutrients necessary for a ketogenic diet. This is the Mocha Ketoppuccino, and from the name, you can probably guess who this will appeal to!

Because the keto diet can be restrictive in what it does and doesn’t allow, it’s important to ensure that what you eat and drink supports the diet. This means adhering to the restrictions no matter the time of day, and the Mocha Ketoppuccino makes it easy to get the proper nutrients all day long. But this isn’t your typical coffee! Of course it’s low carb, but it’s also full of the right kinds of fats, proteins, and antioxidants.

The Mocha Ketoppuccino contains quite palatable, whole, natural high-quality ingredients. Each one plays a special role to deliver high-quality fats and proteins. Wonderfully, many of these ingredients used for flavoring are known for being healthy in their own right.

Learn How Supplements Can Help With Movement Disorders

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many people have heard about hormone replacement therapy but don’t know much about it. We’d like to change that, because we have seen the way it can turn people’s lives around.

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

In short, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) involves revitalizing the body with hormones that it no longer produces on its own. Hormones are molecules that are produced by various organs and act as messengers in the body. They are transported by to blood to cells or tissues, telling them to behave in a certain way.

While the most common use of hormone replacement therapy is to help women cope with the effects of menopause, it’s actually used by many aging people who are interested in feeling younger.

Treating the Effects of Aging

Age affects people so gradually that they often forget that they’re not the same person they were when they were younger. Most of us want to deny the fact that our bodies are changing and simply can’t do what we used to. But ignoring the problem doesn’t change the fact that our bodies are producing hormones in different amounts as time passes.

Because we want to feel as good as we did when we were younger, it’s important to address the changes in our bodies. Austin Renewal Clinic can do just that, and one of the most common methods is via hormone replacement therapy. Let’s take a look at the problems of aging HRT can address.

  • Fatigue: Perhaps the most common complaint we hear from seniors is that of fatigue. While we might want to blame time and say that the body is “just wearing out,” it can’t be ignored that the same hormones aren’t being produced as when you were younger.
  • Cognitive Decline: Most cognitive decline is seen as people age; dementia and Alzheimers rarely affect young people. Some people use hormone replacement therapy in hopes of staving off any cognitive decline, including those “senior moments” that most aging people experience.
  • Decreased Sex Drive: Changes in hormones can lead to changed attitudes about sex in both men and women. And it’s not just the physical aspects of sex that can be addressed by hormone replacement therapy. When people lose the desire for sex, they often feel like they’ve lost something special that’s been such an important part of their lives. HRT can bring back the desire to connect again in this significant way.
  • Sleep Optimization: Remember when you were in high school or college and could sleep until noon? (If someone allowed you to, that is!). While you might not get back to that level of sleep, HRT can certainly help you get deeper, more restful sleep.
  • Menopause: Dealing with the effects of menopause is the most common reason that women undergo hormone replacement therapy. The lack of pre-menopausal hormones can lead to night sweating, hot flashes, and extreme mood swings.
  • Physical Changes: Unfortunately, aging can significantly affect the ability to gain and retain muscle. Weight gain is another problem, partly because of hormonal changes.

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Therapeutic and Cosmetic Botox® Injections

The botulinum toxin is proof that good things can come from bad. When used in a medical setting, this toxin can be used to help with medical conditions such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction and bruxism, thanks to its ability to relax muscles. Check with your insurance to see if it will cover these helpful medical procedures, and if not you can still pay for them out of pocket in order to get relief.

Botox® As A Bruxism Treatment

Bruxism is a condition in which people grind their teeth, often unconsciously. This grinding of the teeth can happen day or night. Unfortunately, such grinding can cause the teeth to wear down and also lead to TMJ Dysfunction (see below). On top of that, it can cause headaches, earaches, facial pain, and migraines.

Botox is approved as an effective way to reduce bruxism by treating excessive muscle activity, causing the jaw muscle to relax and making it difficult to grind with such extreme force. The good news is, your jaw muscle has more power than it typically needs to chew food, so the reduction won’t affect eating.

While it’s not a cure for bruxism, it addresses the main problems that it causes. This reduces headaches and protects the teeth in most patients.

The procedure is quick and easy. The injection goes directly into the masseter muscle and relaxes it in a short amount of time. It’s no surgical, so you’ll be done in less than half an hour.

Botox® As A TMJ Dysfunction Treatment

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) works as a hinge between the jaw and the skull, so it does a lot of work throughout the day as people eat and talk. If this joint become irritated, problems can range from slight discomfort to extreme pain. Besides pain, clicking of the jaw and difficulty chewing are the most common problems that affect the TMJ. There are many causes of TMJ dysfunction, including bruxism. When injected into sore muscles around the jaw, Botox relieves jaw tension and the discomfort associated with TMJ.

This is a non-surgical procedure we handle right here at Austin Renewal Therapy, and it takes less than half an hour. Most patients see considerable improvement with their TMJ in just a couple of days.

Cosmetic Botox® Injections

Most people know of Botox® because of its cosmetic uses, often via television shows that mock those on the show who got Botox and can no longer show emotions because their face is so numb. We’re happy to report that that’s simply not the case. Botox patients can still emote perfectly well; they just look younger when they do it!

If you’re interested in reducing the wrinkles on your face, Austin Renewal Therapy can make it happen, and in less than a week you’ll see obvious changes to your face.

What Can Austin Renewal Therapy Do For You?

Whether you’re looking for physical therapy in Austin to recover after an accident, nutrition counseling for weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, or simply searching for cosmetic Botox® injections, Austin Renewal Therapy is here to help you get the best treatments around. 

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