1. Why Awake DBS Is Still The Best Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

    If you’re curious about deep brain stimulation (DBS), you’re not alone. It’s one of the most promising Parkinson’s disease treatments out there for patients whose symptoms can’t be controlled with medications. Here at Neurology Solutions Movement Disorders Center, we implant DBS leads in v…Read More

  2. PD patient Parkinsons Outcomes Project

    Largest clinical study of PD focuses on best treatments

    Parkinson’s Outcomes Project findings on neurologist care, exercise, depression The Parkinson's Foundation has enrolled its 10,000th participant in the Parkinson's Outcomes Project, the largest-ever clinical study of Parkinson’s disease (PD) spanning five nations. Started in 2009, the project st…Read More

  3. Treating Parkinson’s with Physical Therapy

    Parkinson's physical therapy exercises improve balance, coordination, strength By Karen Hales, Neurology Solutions Contributing Writer Parkinson’s Disease (PD) has a wide range of symptoms that generally begin with tremor, stiffness, and slowing of movement. As the disease progresses, PD motor sy…Read More

  4. Dietary Supplements for Cognitive Function

    Bacopa Monnieri, magnesium-L-threonate benefit memory, cognitive ability By Karen Hales, Neurology Solutions Contributing Writer Countless studies have researched the effectiveness of different dietary supplements for cognitive function. Nutritional supplements are part of the comprehensive medical …Read More

  5. advances treating Parkinsons

    Roundup: 10 Advances in Understanding, Treating Parkinson’s

    Latest Neuroscience Findings include Lifestyle Factors, Advances in Treatment By Karen Hales, Neurology Solutions Contributing Writer Parkinson's disease is a complex multi-system brain disorder impacting movement and the regulation of mood. Strides have been made in understanding the mechanism of P…Read More

  6. hormone therapy for parkinson's

    Hormone Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

    HRT can improve mobility, lower risk of dementia By Karen Hales, Neurology Solutions Contributing Writer Neurology Solutions Movement Disorders Center offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to patients seen frequently by the practice to help address mobility and mood and improve quali…Read More

  7. Video: Elevated Homocysteine in Parkinson’s

    Homocysteine is linked to cardiovascular disease, neurological conditions By Karen Hales, Neurology Solutions Contributing Writer Scientific literature contains a multitude of research studies linking homocysteine to poor health. Elevated homocysteine in Parkinson’s is thought to worsen oxidative …Read More

  8. Video Explores Intermittent Fasting to Enhance Metabolism

    How Fasting Activates Cell Rejuvenation, Autophagy By Karen Hales, Neurology Solutions Contributing Writer Intermittent fasting, the practice of going without food for some period of time, and caloric restriction are powerfully neuroprotective. Intermittent fasting increases autophagy, a metabolic p…Read More