Movement Disorders require Specialized Care

By Karen Hales, Neurology Solutions Contributing Writer

Movement disorders are complex diseases with physical and psychological symptoms that can affect not only the patient, but those close to them. Neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease, ataxia, dystonia, Huntington’s disease, tremor, and Tourette’s syndrome can be progressive and often debilitating.

No one test, scan or checklist can accurately diagnose movement disorders, and every individual case requires an in depth clinical diagnosis.

Choosing the right physician to provide a clear diagnosis and choosing a care team to manage the condition is an important decision. The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation recommends a practitioner with advanced specialized training in movement disorders.

What is a movement disorder specialist?

There are more than 600 neurological disorders that affect the brain and the central and autonomic nervous systems. A neurologist receives broad training in the hundreds of different types of neurological diseases, from Alzheimer’s disease and Epilepsy to migraines and Multiple Sclerosis.

A movement disorder specialist is a neurologist who is specifically trained to treat neurological disorders affecting mobility. These specialists are the most qualified doctors to treat PD and other movement disorders because of their in-depth knowledge of the disease.

Each patient has different needs, and finding the right fit with a movement disorder specialist “can dramatically improve how supported and educated you feel, and how well your Parkinson’s symptoms are managed,” according to the National Parkinson  Foundation. The multidisciplinary team of specialists at Neurology Solutions includes a fellowship-trained movement disorders specialist, nurse practitioners, physical therapists specializing in treating PD, and other health personnel. These professionals work together to ensure that each patient receives the best care plan, taking the time to guide both patients and their families through the sometimes lengthy treatment process to best manage these conditions.

Treatment options for movement disorders

Neurology Solutions operates a state-of-the-art physical therapy center on site. Austin Renewal Therapies provides specialized therapies addressing the needs of individuals with PD and conditions including stroke, MS, Traumatic Brain Injury and Cerebral Palsy, and age-related muscular deficiencies. Neurology Solutions Medical Director Robert M. Izor, MD, MS and his staff have extensive experience providing treatments such as nerve block and therapeutic toxin injections, Deep Brain Stimulation therapy, physical, occupational and speech therapy, supplement and nutrition strategies.

A Board-Certified neurologist, Dr. Izor was the first fellowship-trained motor disorder specialist in Austin specializing in the treatment of patients with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, spasticity and dystonia.

One of the region’s most experienced specialists in the treatment of movement disorders using deep brain stimulation therapy, Dr. Izor is sought out to consult on the latest research, training and procedural education on movement disorders by other healthcare providers in the region.  Neurology Solutions represents the cutting-edge in this field of medicine—their team can tailor a plan that will work best for you to deliver a healthier and more productive quality of life.

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